Hand over Heart x First Friday

The Hand over Heart crew completed their first First Friday event at downtown Las Vegas for May. First Friday is an affair where the local community can gather together to share their creative arts and ideas. Hand over Heart is our idea and it is in reference to that moment of unity you feel when you place your hand over your heart. The logo is meant to connect people and to help push each other forward. So for us to have this opportunity to share that with the Las Vegas community at this type of event, it was such an amazing and humbling experience.

For me personally, this event is essential to increase awareness of the importance of art. So first of all, shout out to all the artists out there doing their thing. I have been to a few First Fridays and have wandered around taking in the many forms of creations that lies within the artists. Which makes this first Hand over Heart First Friday experience that much more special. Being able to set up shop and put your art out there is by far one of the bigger steps forward you can take.

I believe I can speak for the team when I say thank you to everyone who came out to show their support. That was definitely the highlight of our night when crowds of people gathered around our booth to learn more about our brand. It is worth mentioning that we shared a lot of laughs and good times also. This reflects one of our basic principles for our clothing company and for us as people in general. For everyone to have different goals and interests in life, we offer our Hand over Heart brand to remind us that we can come together to be better.

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