...Cause for a shirt. A successful launch, thank you.

This weekend Hand over Heart was one of the sponsors for the Wild West Cross Country 5k. For me, this event was something very close to my heart. I lost my dad to complications of diabetes last year. Losing someone close to you hurts and leaves a void in your heart, but at the same time it's a space you never want to lose of forget. Yesterday, thanks to the amazing people in my life, I was able to fill part of that void with something I could honor my father with and something I hope he would be proud of.

Getting home after the event and thinking back I was excited about what we accomplished. Hand over Heart is meant to connect people who want to better themselves no matter their different goals and push each other forward. I'm excited we were able to do just that and we were able to contribute in making a change for the better. I'm so grateful to all of our amazing friends who came out to support us. So, thank you to everyone who came.

Thank you Nevada Diabetes Association for letting us be a part of your event. We're so happy we could help those affected by diabetes. And everyone, our diabetes cause isn't done yet! The diabetes tees for charity are still for sale in our store, so please give to a good cause. Also stay tuned for our next "... Cause for a shirt" tee we're excited to start getting to work on our next cause.


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