Hand over Heart is...

Creating a t-shirt company is something I wanted to do for years, but something I never followed through with. A couple years ago, Thomas and I had conversations about how we both had been wanting to create our own clothing lines for years. We dreamed together, but it just didn't materialize. Then last year, I lost my dad. It made me realize the importance of life and to push yourself forward. It allowed me to pause and realize life should be spent doing the things you love, the things you dream of, and to be around the people you love.

Thomas, Karen, and I have followed different career paths in life (graphic designer, retail/fashion, and healthcare), but we dreamed of creating a clothing company and that created a connection. With that connection in mind, we came up with Hand over Heart which is in reference to that moment of unity between your body and spirit that's experienced as you place your hand over your heart. Our logo is meant to connect people looking to better themselves no matter their different interests and aspirations. Whether your passion is in art, music, fitness, family, or something entirely different, we want the logo to be worn to push each other and inspire each other to reach for your dreams.


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