About Hand over Heart

Established in 2016, Hand over Heart started out as a clothing company, but the idea behind it has always been to build a multifunctional lifestyle brand that inspires a progressive approach to positive growth.

The brand was founded on the belief that we can connect with, and support each other through our shared interests. With different backgrounds in design, fashion, healthcare, and athletics, we came together and Hand over Heart clothing co. was finally born.

Meet The Team

Karen Reyes

Coming from a fashion background and being in healthcare, Karen's ambition is to blend the comfort and style from clothing wear into an everyday mindful practice.

Jesse Egurrola

As a healthcare professional who has over ten years of hands-on experience, Jesse recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how we can aim to better care for all those around us.

Thomas Wong

A graphic designer by profession, but an all around creative at heart. Thomas believes that art is an essential good in life and strives to inspire anyway he can.